April 2022

Another very busy half term in Year 6.

In Science we continued and completed our topic on forces. We investigated lots of different forces e.g. push and pull / gravity / air resistance and water resistance and completed lots of practical activities. We made use of our maths skills in our work by collecting and evaluating data.  Following this, we have started investigating states of matter by sorting solids, liquids and gases.

In PSHE we have completed the topic ‘Healthy Me’.  The children have discussed how to take responsibility for their own healthy choices – physical and emotional, drugs and their effects on the body, exploitation, gangs,  emotional and mental health and managing stress and pressure.

In computing, we have completed our topic on Tinkercad to developing a range of 3d imaging skills.  The children have enjoyed this topic very much and used it to design their Anderson shelters as part of the Design and Technology unit.

We have worked very hard in our history topic and have studied many aspects of WW2. We had an excellent workshop in school and the children were able to show off all their knowledge.