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Music taught by Mr Mitchell    

Reception Summer 2nd half term

This half term, our topic focus has been traditional tales. As part of our activities for World Science Day, the children explored different materials. They experimented with the most suitable materials to make the following for Red Riding Hood: a basket to carry the food, a waterproof hood and materials to keep the food cool on a hot day!

Despite the, at times, very unseasonal weather, we have spent a lot of time outdoors e.g. when they were learning the sequence of letters in the alphabet, the children had to work together in their colour groups to find the letters hidden in the garden. Once they found them, they worked together to place them in the correct order

In July we visited Shepreth Wild life Park.  We had a lovely day, the sun shone and children were brilliant. They enjoyed the coach journey and seeing all kinds of animals including tigers, tortoises, owls and meerkats.