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Year 2

Staff: Mrs Waring / Mrs Jeffrey / Mrs Graves / Mrs Battman

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Music taught by Mr Mitchell (Tuesday)

May 2022

What a busy half term we have had. Year 2 loved sharing their learning about Kenya with everyone in the class assembly and it was great to have so many parents visit the classroom afterwards so we could share more of our learning with them.

We have been finding out about growing plants and exploring different types of seeds and bulbs. We have planted pea and nasturtium seeds and spent time exploring the plants growing around our school. We completed a survey to look at what plants grow in different locations and learnt to identify plants using a spotters’ guide. We were surprised how many other plants were growing among the grass on the field.

In RE we have been learning about the features of a church. We worked in groups to make Lego models that included all these features. Then we labelled each feature.

In our art lessons we have been looking at artwork on the theme of food. We have tried drawing cupcakes, making collages and mixing paint to match the colours of different fruits. Finally, we created some clay pinch pots that look like a piece of fruit cut in half. We worked carefully to use different tools to make marks in the clay to show the texture of the fruit. We are looking forward to painting them once they have dried out!