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Golden Time


In order to highlight the value we place on positive behaviour in school, the children have been invited to consider what makes Panshanger a happy place to be and how it can be kept that way. These are some of our Golden Rules:

Star Always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
Star Be kind and gentle so that no one gets hurt.
Star Be polite – ‘Please, excuse me and thank you’ words make us feel good, swear words do not.
Star Work hard and try your best both at school and at home.
Star Look after school equipment so that we can all enjoy using it.
Star Keep the building and grounds tidy so that we can all be proud of our school.

Children who keep the Golden Rules each week are rewarded with Golden Time every Friday, a half-hour session when the children can choose from a selection of activities such as craft activities, sports activities, working on computers or construction.

Children who manage to keep all of their Golden Time for a whole term receive a certificate to celebrate their achievement!