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(eTwinning European Quality Label Certificate)

At Panshanger, the pupils from Reception to Year 6 have a weekly French lesson with a specialist language teacher, and in KS2 class teachers try to include some additional follow-up activities between lessons. The children enjoy learning through the use of songs, games, stories, role play activities and films of native speakers, as well as practising their skills interactively on the Languagenut website. Every year, in September, we have a special day to celebrate the languages spoken within our school and the school community, and additional themed language activities usually take place about once a year. In the past these have included whole school French Days, which involved many activities such as a performance by a French storyteller and a French themed lunch, and an Art week focusing on French artists.

We enjoy collaborating with local secondary schools, who are able to bring their students in to work with our pupils in French, or give them a taster of other languages such as Spanish or German. We also work on projects with schools in Europe, through the British Council’s eTwinning scheme. Year 5 takes part in a yearlong eTwinning project with our French partner school in Normandy. We have been eTwinning since 2012 and have taken part in more than fifteen projects with schools in almost thirty different European countries. These projects help to foster an ethos of collaboration; to appreciate the richness and diversity of other cultures and to develop an international outlook. Several of our projects have been awarded Quality Labels and even European Quality Labels. 2017-18’s project about idioms around Europe, ‘I’ve Got a Frog in My Throat’, won the national prize for best UK project, awarded by eTwinning UK and the British Council. Our eTwinning work has also qualified us for the International School Award – Foundation Level.

eTwinning Quality Label

eTwinning Quality Label