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At Panshanger Primary School we follow the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus of Religion, and it is our aim that in RE our pupils:

  • identify, name, describe and give an account, in order to build a coherent picture of each religion.
  • explain the meanings of religious language, stories and symbolism.
  • explain similarities and differences between, and within, religions.
  • respond to religious and moral issues in an informed and considered manner.
  • reflect on what might be learnt from religion in the light of personal beliefs and life experience.
  • identify and respond to the question of meaning within religion.


Celebrations, the Christmas story, Belonging, Symbols of Easter, relationships


Celebrations, Christmas, change and growth, Easter, special places and people

Year 1

Thanking God for nature, light, belonging, Easter, books and stories

Year 2

Signs and symbols, Christmas, special places and sacred spaces, Easter, religious leaders and easy questions with difficult answers

Year 3

Stories of key religious leaders, ways of describing God, Christmas, events in the life of Jesus, rules and how they influence actions, special places and sacred spaces

Year 4

Belonging: Hinduism Teaching about God, Christmas, Sikhism and sharing food as part of religious worship, Sacred writings and stories

Year 5

Rules for living, light as a symbol, celebrations relating to key figures, leaders in religious communities and the importance of religion today , creation stories and the ultimate questions they raise

Year 6

Christian and Buddhist beliefs and practices, Christmas, Expressing faith in art, drama and song, the importance of Jesus to Christians, ideas about God, human responsibility for the environment, suffering

These skills will be achieved through a range of activities e.g. role play, discussion, art, music, written work, cooking and visits from outside speakers