December 2020

Another very busy half term in Year 6 โ€“ the children have worked very hard especially as we have begun to do practice SAT papers in preparation for May 2021.

We have also had fun.

In D.T. the children made their own Christmas stockings. They looked at the history of stockings, what they are made from and all the different designs on the front. They managed to stitch up the sides and create their own design on the front. They did really well with this project.

In Science we continued our topic on forces. We investigated lots of different forces e.g. push and pull / gravity / air resistance and water resistance. We completed lots of practical activities. We made use of our English skills in our work by writing letters as though we were astronauts experiencing no gravity and when we wrote a letter to a parachute company to share our new designs.

P.S.H.E. โ€“ continuing our work on mental health, the children created posters to help others not feel stressed and anxious about things.

On the last day of term, we held a bin bag challenge – each child had a bin bag and they had to come up with a new design for an outfit.