December 2020

Year 1 have been working very hard this term – well done everyone. 

We used the book Gruffalo’s Crumble to read, write and follow instructions.  We made pizza and cakes – they were delicious.

 In maths we used our measuring skills to compare measures- longer than, shorter than and the same as.  We enjoyed using the 2d and 3d shapes to create pictures / build models, then we labelled the features using the correct language. 

In science we made careful comparisons about the changes in season from Autumn to Winter.  We used our art skills including colour mixing, changing the tone and blowing ink to create seasonal trees and used comparative language to describe them.

In our seaside topic we investigated the difference in seaside holidays then and now.  We enjoyed watching Punch and Judy shows.  Then we made our own puppets and shared our own Punch and Judy shows to the rest of the class.