December 2021

What a lot we have done this half term!   Well done everyone!

We had a great time in maths week, solving puzzles and problems, and throughout the term lots of certificates have been awarded for our maths challenge.  Keep up the good work.

History this term has been all about the Roman Invasion of Britain.  We loved finding out about Boudicca, and the Roman army.  We made Roman shields in art and used these to investigate Roman battle tactics!

In science, we have explored forces and magnets.  One of our practical tasks was making a compass by floating a magnet in water.  It worked, so we now know where North is in our classroom!

We took part in a workshop about Mill Green Museum, which included the history of the mill, objects which use wheels and gears and making a gear train.

Our design and technology project was using pneumatics to make a moving monster.  We came up with some fantastic designs, although blowing up the balloon through the tube proved to be more of a challenge!

We finished off the term with party hats and Christmas dinner!