February 2022

This half term, we have worked really hard on reading, writing and performing play scripts, including Alice in Wonderland, the Owl and the Pussycat and the Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon. 

Science this term has been all about food, nutrition and our skeleton.  We have taken part in lots of practical tasks including making pizzas, food for birds and constructing skeletons out of dog biscuits!  We have also linked our science to the RPSB Big Schools’ Birdwatch.  We now have lots of keen bird watchers in year 3!

In Geography, we have studied weather and climate.  We have enjoyed observing the weather every day, exploring world climates and choosing a holiday destination.

We learnt some very valuable skills on our First Aid course, including how to make a 999 call, the recovery position and CPR.

We finished the term with ‘Feeling Good Week .’  Lots of us took part in the talent show with dances, puppet shows, playing instruments, magic tricks and jokes.  We also enjoyed maths games every day and making chocolate crispy cakes!