February 2022

This term in Year 1 we have had a fantastic time learning about different types of Fairy Tales in English, looking at stories such as Cinderella and the Gingerbread man. We then had a go at making our own gingerbread people, when we ate them they were very yummy! We used our acting skills and preformed our own versions  of some of the tales we had learnt about. 

We have been following instructions and made our very own playdough! The children were great at reading and following the step by step instructions and enjoyed playing with their own creations.

In Art we have been looking at natural art forms, focusing on the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We worked in groups to create our own artwork.

In Geography we have started learning about our local area, as well as improving our map reading skills. The children have enjoyed making their own maps.

We were very lucky to have some visitors who taught us some valuable lifesaving skills such as how to call 999, all about the recovery positions and using the dummies to learn how to do CPR. 

We ended this term with ‘Feeling Good Week’, lots of our class joined the school talent show where we heard some funny jokes, saw amazing magic tricks, beautiful dancing and heard some lovely singing! The class also enjoyed some fun lessons e.g. creating magic  potions, playing some fun maths games etc.