February 2022

Despite being a relatively short half term, we have packed loads of exciting things into each day in Year 4!  We have been studying ‘sound’ in Science and had fun exploring how sound travels using our own string telephones! We experimented through doors and windows, in cupboards, round corners and even with crossed strings! It was very exciting as you can see from our photographs.

In Design Technology, we have been completing a recycling project where we have turned an old T-shirt into a reusable bag by sewing our own seams and decorating with fabric paints. A lot of hard work has gone into them, but we have all produced a bag and no one is sewn to their bag!

For Feeling Good Week Y4 chose lots of exciting activities to take part in but their favourite by far (and the most anticipated!) was having some free play on the space hoppers! It was great fun!