February 2022

Geography – a new topic entitled ‘Rivers. The children first learnt about the different courses in the river and what features you may find at each stage. Then they worked in groups to create a model of a river, labelling different features. The children were so engaged and worked well deciding what materials to use and where to place them. 

Trampolining – these lessons are delivered by a specialist instructor (from Rising Stars) who brings in all the equipment. The children have worked hard (and had a great time!) learning how to gain control when jumping and stopping, trying out some simple shaped jumps and seat landings.

Art – Georgia O’Keefe was the focus artist this half term. The lessons concentrated on her flower paintings, the use of positive and negative space to position the flower and the use of complementary colours. The children explored different techniques using chalk pastels and produced some stunning outcomes.

First aid training – The children took part in a first aid training session. They learned DR AB (danger, response, airway, breathing), how to put people into the recovery position, CPR and what to do if someone is choking. It was very informative and fun.

Feeling Good Week – For ‘Feeling Good Week’ the children took part in some fun activities, chosen by them such as baking chocolate chip muffins, painting or rock painting and also had the opportunity to take part in ‘Panshanger’s Got Talent’ show. The acts included: magicians, comedians, singing and dancing. They all gave dazzling performances, well done!

RE – Passover – In RE, we have been finding out about the Jewish festival of Passover, where Jewish people celebrate their ancestors being freed from slavery in Egypt. Food is used to remind Jews today of the story of Passover and many Jewish families celebrate with a ‘Sedar night’ where certain foods are shared. Year 5 took part in a mock Sedar, sharing certain foods and asking questions that would be asked at the Sedar.