May 2022

Once again, the children in Year 5 have worked hard and learned so much during another fast moving half term. Their Spanish is growing from strength to strength and pronunciation is extremely good. Buen trabajo! They enjoyed celebrating the Queen’s platinum Jubilee on the last day of the half term with a picnic on the field and dressing up – in red, white and blue- of course! As it is gardening season, we decided to have a go at growing potatoes and tomatoes. Fingers crossed we will get some good eating!

Humanities –  We have had many a lively discussion in our history lessons and one in particular stands out when we  focused on the question ‘How can we explain why Islam spread so quickly at this time?’  Our class Rainforest display is looking very eye-catching. It includes the children’s homework poster task and parrots that were created using a Vector drawing computer software.

Science – The children have now completed the unit on Changing materials and had great fun being scientists. They explored the reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and used the science to inflate balloon! They compared the reaction of bicarbonate with a range of other liquids but none were as impressive as vinegar. They also investigated the insulating properties of different materials and used log boxes to record temperature data – felt was the best insulator whilst newspaper and bubble wrap were both poor insulators.

Art – The theme of Dragons was explored in art, linking with the English focus for the half term (also the theme of Dragons!) The children worked carefully with a range of different types of pencil to create visual texture to represent a dragon’s eye. The effects were stunning!