May 2022

Our topic this half term has been based on The Great Outdoors.  During our planning meetings with the children they suggested a range of ideas of things that they would like to explore.  One of the suggestions was to go camping.

Following their interests we ‘camped’ on the school field each day using our tents as a base for all activities.  The children packed a suitcase to take with us helping to choose what toys and equipment to take.  From our tents the children took part in lots of activities including going on a mini-beast hunt, playing various sports, visiting the school pets, going on a treasure hunt and making their own magic potions.  The children also created their own memento of their time in camp by sanding and decorating their own wooden coaster.

Once back in the classroom we followed the children’s interest in maps to explore what things look like from above.  We looked at different types of maps and how different features are represented.  The children then created their own maps thinking carefully about what they needed to add and what shapes they needed to draw.

Part of our maths this half term has been focused on understanding and using positional language. We read the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and then created our own obstacle courses.  The children then drew their obstacle course using marks, symbols and numbers to give instructions on how to complete their course.

We finished this half term joining in with the whole school celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.