Spring 1st Half Term

It has been a busy half term for the children at home and at school!  We are all doing brilliantly with Google Classroom and have enjoyed live lessons with our regular meets! 

In science, we have looked at food groups and the skeleton.  We made mini pizzas, bird food, skeletons with biscuits and pasta, and even wrote a song using scientific bone names.  We enjoyed bird watching at home and at school – the feeders outside our classroom are particularly popular with blue tits and robins!

In geography, we found out about types of weather and world climates.  We also observed the weather, especially clouds and can now recognise cirrus, stratus and cumulus clouds!

We enjoyed performing plays in English and reading the book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. We then made some fantastic frog treats for DT.

We drew some great bird sketches in art, as well as creating funny faces around our homes and animal bookmarks for Chinese New Year.