Spring 2nd Half Term

The last half term felt like the fastest ever! The children adapted extremely well to their return to school and worked hard to produce good results.  Well done Year 5!

Our Artwork was varied and interesting with a focus on the idea of a dragon’s eye. The children used techniques to create visual texture to represent dragon scales and wrinkles and produced effective work in pencil and clay.

Science was very complex, finding out about particles in solids, liquids and gases and how they differ. Children worked in groups to make posters to represent their knowledge and understanding of these particles. They explored how to separate mixtures using filtration, evaporation and dissolving. They also used their working scientifically skills to investigate the factors that affect the speed of sugar dissolving.

In maths, whilst working hard at the unit on decimals, percentages and fractions, the children enjoyed taking part in group challenges in the form of maths relays. Well done to the winners!

Perhaps the most exciting lessons last half term were in Design Technology as the children explored cam mechanisms and used saws to make frames in preparation for their moving toys, which will be completed next term. They certainly showed very good carpentry skills!

In addition to all this, we still found time to raise money for charity. Dressing up as a super hero for Comic Relief and making hats for The Brain Tumor trust both went down very well. Thank you to Year 5 for taking part.