April 2022

We had lots of fun watching the performance of the Jungle Book and dressing up as animals. We used our creative skills to make wooden spoon puppets for the characters and to write descriptive poems.

In art this half term we have been learning about sculpture and looked at the work of Anthony Caro and Naum Gabo. We have practiced drawing figures in different poses and explored the different shapes created by the body. Finally we created our sculptures using coloured foam and joining them together using the slot technique.

In DT we have completed a project to design a new chair for Baby Bear. First we tested which shapes were the strongest (cylinder, cuboid or triangular prism). Then we looked at the features of chairs before making our own prototype chairs. Finally we tested them out to see if they were stable enough for the toy bear to sit on them. We had quite a few successes! We found out that the legs were better when they were wide cylinders and not too long. We also noticed that some of our chairs were a bit too small for baby bear to sit on.

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes in our maths lessons. We have tried building shapes using straws and plasticine and with the Polydron. We have also learnt to count the properties of the shapes such as faces, edges, sides and vertices. We then came up with different ways of sorting the shapes using our knowledge of their properties.