April 2022

This term in Year 1 we have had a fantastic time learning about different styles of writing, we have looked at creative writing, information texts and have begun looking at poetry. We had a Jungle Book week where we re-wrote the ending of the story and made our own  characters using wooden spoons. We then wrote our own scripts and created puppet shows for the class – it was fantastic to see all of the creative endings the children thought of. In Music, we have been working hard with Mr Mitchell and were able to show our musical story of the Jungle Book in the recent concerts.

In Maths, we have been very practical this term. The children have all weighed and measured different objects around the class. We were very lucky with the weather and we got to measure capacity outside in the sunshine.

In science we have been observing Spring and the different signs that show Spring’s approaching. We then created a checklist and went for a Spring walk around the local area. We saw lots of nests, flowers and even some baby ducks!

In Art we have been completing observational drawings of Spring. We sketched flowers and used wax crayons to add colour to our sketches. We then used clay and moulded our own flowers- it was very tricky trying to make our petals all the same size! The children then painted these and were able to take them home to share.

We ended this term with lots of Easter activities. We had lots of fun writing our own Easter Acrostic poems and creating our own ‘rhyming rabbit’. We had also created Easter crows to wear. In RE we have been looking at the Easter story and we then all shared a hot cross bun wearing our Easter crowns and had some quiet reflection time.