April 2022

Year 4 had a lovely visit to St Albans Cathedral as part of our history topic on the Anglo-Saxons. They learnt about Saxon food and cooking and how different it was to today. The children made butter, by shaking double cream until it became solid. They added salt and parsley, spread it on bread and most enjoyed the taste. They also made apricot conserve and learnt how the Saxons would have sweetened food with honey and fruit juice.

They went on a Saxon trail, through the cathedral where they learnt about the life of St Alban, using role play, in costumes, which they really enjoyed. They learnt about some of the brutal ways that the Saxons dealt with crime and punishment and decided they were glad that they weren’t around in those times! They also studied some Saxon artefacts, trying to work out what they would have been used for and what they were made of.

As always with Panshanger children, they were a credit to us and to their parents, as their good behaviour was commented on by all the staff at the Cathedral.