April 2022

World Book Day – Spoons – As part of World Book day celebrations, we created a wooden spoon character. Also using the stimulus ‘The Jungle Book’ we wrote a balanced argument for fire (The Red Flower), created a belonging rap poem and explored and performed part of the famous poem Tiger by William Blake. We took some time to read with the children in Reception and the children dressed up as animal characters. They all looked great!

DT – CAMS – The children had great fun creating their moving toys with a CAM mechanism. They had to plan, measure, saw and build the frame out of wood, then evaluated their final toy. I am sure you would agree that they look fab!

Our Class Assembly – The children put on an amazing class assembly, the first for 2 years! They were so confident and show cased all their work linked to the theme ‘Cats’. It included artwork, dance routines and performance poetry and singing. We are proud of you all! Many thanks to parents and friends who attended and gave lots of worthy applause.

Science – The topic of changing materials has enabled the children to develop their working scientifically skills as they have carried out investigations into melting, dissolving and separating mixtures. They have observed changes in sugar, chocolate and salt and learned some complex new vocabulary such as soluble, insoluble, particles and solution.