Autumn 1st Half Term

The children have made a great start to their learning in Year 2. This term we have enjoyed sharing stories and poems. In particular we loved learning to perform poems and coming up with our own actions. We performed some poems in class and we performed The Rhythm of Life by Michael Rosen in assembly.

During Outdoor Learning week we went on a treasure hunt to find some tiny natural treasures for our tiny boxes. Then we took them back to the classroom and wrote poems describing what we found.

In Science we have been learning about healthy bodies and finding out all the things we can do to stay healthy. We have sorted food, investigated how much sugar is in breakfast cereal and thought about how exercise affects our bodies. We really liked investigating how germs spread using glitter germs and how to wash our hands effectively to get rid of them!

We have had lots of fun learning how to play quick cricket. We have learnt how to aim and pass the ball and stop the ball with our feet. We have also practised fielding and holding the cricket bat correctly to hit the ball.

We had a great time on our trip to Cuffley. We enjoyed being outside in the woods and spotting all sorts of interesting plants and creatures. We especially enjoyed slug spotting and found them in all different colours and sizes! We took part in the blindfold challenge and had to use our other senses to navigate the obstacle course. It was very tricky but we helped each other out and didn’t give up.