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Year 4

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Spanish with Mrs Kay and music taught by Mr Dan Mitchell     

Year 4 Summer 2nd half term

It has been a very busy end to the year in Year 4! It seems like it has just flown by. 

We have been learning all about the body and digestion. We imagined what it would be like if we had shrunk down and took a journey through the different organs. What would we see? What sounds would we hear? We used musical instruments to represent such a journey and created a musical sound map of the digestive system. We had so much fun!

In Art, we looked at the artist William Morris who was well known for his printing techniques during the Victorian era. We took inspiration from his designs and created our own patterns to print. They were very successful even though we discovered that printing is very tricky! We finally finished our pop-up books in Design and spent a lovely morning reading them with the Reception class who just loved seeing them and being read to. It was fortunate that restrictions lifted enough for us to do this in the final few days as the children worked so hard on the different mechanisms. Every child in the school has painted a pebble to form a nature path in our school garden. You can see some of ours here! They are just lovely! Right in the final days, we managed to complete our third class novel – The Sheep Pig by Dick King Smith so as a treat on the last day of term we watched the movie version to compare! Wow – what a busy few weeks!