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Year 5

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Year 5 Summer 2nd half term

Congratulations to Year 5! What a great year and a great class! The Summer Term seemed to go by so quickly and what fun they had. There were so many fun learning days and experiences made available to the children and as usual their attitude and behaviour remained positive throughout. 

The children worked incredibly hard in our DT topic where they had to design and make a cushion cover. They learned the technique of applique and developed their sewing skills to create stunning outcomes.  Each class member took home their prized cushions of which they were deservingly proud!

During outdoor learning/ sports week, activities included a rugby session (for which the children earned a whole class Enthusiasodon  award for their attitude and enthusiasm), an amazing inflatables session, a scavenger hunt in the school grounds to find clues to crack a code, an outdoor maths relay and a senses activity where children were led, blindfolded by a partner and had to sense their location.  Sports day went smoothly with a medal for all, it was a fitting end to a very busy week.

Reading week also took place and Year 5 enjoyed a drama session based on the Roald Dahl story The BFG.  It was great fun! On the last day of reading week, the children dressed up to represent a character from a story or a book and looked very convincing. We also had a zoom link up with the author Chris Wormell and the children were able to put forward a range of questions to find out more about his work and the work of being an author.

Year 5 had a wonderful trip to Sherrardspark Woods near the end of term and took along the beautiful stones they had painted. They choose locations in the woods to place them for others to look at. we ended the trip with a fun session playing parachute on a field nearby and trying out the play park! Once again the children’s enthusiasm and behaviour meant they were a credit to the school.

Amongst all the fun sessions, we found time to continue the hard work that the children have maintained throughout their time Year 5. The standard of work has been high from start to finish and I am very lucky to have had the pleasure of teaching this cohort. They are more than ready to make an excellent Year 6 class. Go, go, go!