December 2021

What a busy half term.

Hockey – The children have been working with a member of the Ridgeway PE team to develop their hockey skills and playing mini matches. The children were taught the different passes, how to dribble and stop the ball plus how to block a player. It was great fun and the teams became very competitive.

Fitness session – The Alphabet Fitness Challenge. Each team had to spell out their names by completing a different fitness activity for each letter such as A equals 20 squats, B equals 30 high knees etc.

Maths – We started the half term with Maths week, this gave the children the opportunity to work in a slightly different way. They used a famous piece of art by Mondrian to calculate and compare area, did a maths relay challenge in groups and explored the huge amount of maths that can be done on the theme of a tube of SMARTIES! They even managed to calculate their height in SMARTIES! There have been some TT Rockstars challenges and Y5 have beaten Y6 and Y3. Playing games has been a helpful way to understand and consolidate work on place value as well as being a fun way to learn.

Science – Flowers, flowers, flowers! The focus has been on naming and identifying the parts of a flowering plant and the function of the parts. The class really enjoyed cutting up real flowers to identify the parts and then using their new knowledge to make a collage of a flower, which included the parts we cannot usually see. An investigation with spinners enabled the children to explore the concept of how the type of seed might affect how far it is dispersed from the parent plant. The unit was finished by sequencing the stages in the life cycles of a flowering plant.

VR session – The issue of bullying was the theme of a Virtual Reality session where the children enjoyed wearing a VR headset to explore a bullying scenario. They then sensibly and sensitively discussed what they had seen.