December 2021

At the start of this half term we held a Climate Awareness week. Year 2 found out about what climate change is and some of the causes. We found out that plastic is not good for the environment because it doesn’t decompose and it is made from oil which is a fossil fuel. We thought about how plastic can be recycled or reused or even better, not used at all! We had a scavenger hunt around the classroom to find facts about plastic.

We had lots of fun during maths week. We made patterns using two colours and tried repeating them. This was quite tricky but we were really pleased with the results. We also played lots of maths games. Our favourites were dotty six and totality.

In art, we have been practicing our painting skills. We have been exploring colour mixing and practiced making secondary and tertiary colours. We have looked at artwork by Mark Rothko, Paul Klee and Makeda Bizuneh and talked about how they used colour in their paintings. We have learnt about tints and shades and explored what happens when you increase the amount of white or black.

Our DT project has been all about healthy snacks. We used our knowledge from science about healthy eating to design a healthier snack for Santa. We tasted a variety of fruits and vegetables to decide what to include and then designed and made our healthy snack faces. They tasted absolutely delicious and we think Santa would enjoy them too!