February 2022

We have had another really busy and fun half term in Nursery.  We have followed the children’s interests and explored Italy.  Within this we created our own pizza restaurant, both in role play and in making and eating our own pizzas.  We have used our maths skills to find out the most popular pizza toppings, sorted pizza toppings into groups by appearance and explored what these groups looked like on 5 frames. The children created their own Italian flags and used various construction materials to recreate famous Italian buildings.  We found Italy on a map and explored different ways that we could travel there.  We went on an imaginary aeroplane journey, creating our own tickets and passports.  We created our own boats, finding out what materials float and sink.  In Feeling Good Week the children’s highlight was ordering their own ice cream, choosing their flavour, sauce and toppings and finally getting to eat them!

We have also continued to explore outside.  We regularly visit our garden area to see what we notice and explore the changes that have happened.  The children have gained confidence using the balance bikes, climbing equipment and creating their own obstacle courses.