February 2022

What an excellent start back the children have had in Year 6. They have experienced a lot of change this half term, the biggest being that they are now being taught by different staff; they have coped very well with this.

We have started one of our biggest units of work – the study of WW2 in History. Many children have been talking about this at home and have found out about the experiences of grandparents who were evacuated. So far we have studied the start of the war, the Blitz and evacuation, this topic will continue up to Easter.

In English we have been looking at writing in a range of genre e.g. sci – fi / adventure / mystery / horror etc. and trying to make sure our writing matches the features of that specific genre. 

Our Science focus has been forces, we have started by looking at the effects of gravity, friction and air resistance.  We tested a range of materials to make a parachute and flew them from the school roof – very exciting!   This topic will continue into next term.

Linked to our sustainability week in the Autumn Term we have started a topic on climate change.  We have investigated various climates across the world and the main causes / impacts of the Greenhouse effect.  We calculated our own carbon footprints and made decisions about how to make changes to our lives to reduce this.  In the next half term, we will be looking at the impacts of climate change across the world.

In computing we have been using Tinkercad to develop a range of 3d imaging skills.  The children have enjoyed this topic very much and it will continue in the next half term.

Year 6 have begun their weekly trampolining sessions with Rising Stars which they have enjoyed. Although initially a few of the children were a little ‘unsure’ they are quickly developing confidence and skills.