May 2022

Our topic this half term has been based upon The Great Outdoors. To start our learning we gathered ideas from the children about the kind of things they would like to find out and do as part of the topic. We followed their interests whilst also continuing our learning in phonics, maths, reading and writing.

We started finding out about mini-beasts. We went on a hunt with the children keeping a record of the mini-beasts they spotted. We explored the different habitats that the mini-beasts preferred in the school grounds and added to them by making our own bug houses!

We explored maps that we found in stories and used the ideas we discovered to make our own maps. The children made maps of the foundation garden area and also maps of their journeys to school. We have been delighted with the progress the children have made with their writing, in particular. They have written all kinds of things including labels and instructions for following the maps.

It has been lovely to once again be able to invite parents and other family members into class on a Friday morning for a reading session with the children. So exciting to have visitors back in class and a great start to a Friday!

The children’s Maths has been based principally on a sunflower topic. So far they have used the seeds to explore pattern and have practised measuring as the plants have grown. The children are brilliant ‘subitisers’ – recognising quantities by sight, enabling them to be super quick with aspects of Maths such as number bonds.

The children were keen to have a Teddy bear picnic. We wrote invitations to take home to invite their Teddy or other favourite toy in to school for a day. All kinds of cuddly animals came in! We made our own picnic which included savoury wraps and fruit cups. During the afternoon, the children played on the school field, including, for the first time, trying out the large play equipment. 

The last week of term involved lots of activities celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The children took part in all kinds of commemorative crafts and will have made many happy memories.