Review of Nursery Autumn 1

Nursery have had a really great start to the school year and have all settled in incredibly quickly. The children have adapted well to the new routines, made new friends and are beginning to realise the importance of playing nicely and sharing fairly. They have had great fun exploring the setting, playing both inside and outside. The children have enjoyed going on walks around the school ground, visiting our school pet rabbits and guinea pigs and exploring our fairy garden.

This half term we have really focused on developing the children’s independence, encouraging them to change their own shoes, put on their own coats and access resources independently.  We have followed the children’s fascination in pipes, using marble runs and pipes to solve different problems. Nursery were very lucky to have a visit from the local fire brigade who showed us around their fire engine, allowed us to sit on board and have a turn at squirting their hose!

We are looking forward to where the children’s interests will take us next!