Review of Autumn 2 in Nursery

It has been a very busy half term in Nursery. We started the half term exploring fireworks. The children used instruments to create their own firework display and then used different mark making materials to create their own pictures.  We toasted marshmallows and heated water to make hot chocolate on our campfire. We watched the flames carefully and talked about what we could see, hear and smell.

We used the PE apparatus to explore positional language and create our own obstacle course.  We talked about our journey to school and developed our own maps to show our route.

As December quickly approached Nursery started to prepare for celebrating Christmas. We made cards, decorations, Gingerbread Men and calendars amongst many other things. We created our own Santa’s workshop in Nursery, where the children visited and used their woodwork skills to create their own toy or tree decoration.  The children were very excited to be able to play in the snow with their friends.

The children worked really hard to learn songs and dances for the Foundation Stage Nativity Play.  After lots of hard work rehearsing, the children all got dressed up in their costumes and performed “Everyone Loves a Baby” on the stage to their friends and families.  They did an amazing job and it proved to be a really special event for everyone involved.