Review of Reception Autumn 1

Reception have settled really well into full school life and for a few children this was their first half term in a new setting…including Miss Gavaghan. Friendships have been made and the children are really understanding their emotions and how these have an impact on their actions.

We started off talking about our families which quickly led to looking at the jobs some of them do …we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Scruton who is a nurse and the local fire brigade.

We have started our new Animaphonics scheme and all really enjoy meeting the new animals and using their songs, actions and rhymes to help us remember them.

Recently after sharing the text “Pumpkin Soup” the children wanted to try making their own soup, this gave us the opportunity to practice our scientific skills of observation noticing what the carrots were like before and after.

The children’s fantastic observation skills have helped them in mathematics where we have spent a lot of time outdoors subitising everything we see!