Review of Spring 2

Rugby Session – The children completed a rugby training session where they took part in some drills, 1 v 1 games and finished with some mini house team practice games. In the afternoon, they had a mini house team competition, putting into practice the skills taught earlier in the day. It was great fun and the winning house team was blue!

DT Cams- The children had great fun creating their moving toys with a cam mechanism. They had to plan, measure, saw, build the frame out of wood and then evaluated their final product. It was hard work and took a while but I am sure you would agree that they look amazing!

World Book Day –As part of our World Book day celebrations, the children all came dressed up as their favourite book characters and they looked amazing!

We also watched a production of The Secret Garden and then using the story as a stimulus, the children wrote a job advert and application for a Head Garden position to maintain the Walled Garden. They also explored some of the themes covered in the book through drama/freeze frames and created stunning miniature secret gardens that were truly magical.

Production – A huge well done to all the children for their performance of ‘Pirates Vs Mermaids’. They all performed with confidence and enthusiasm. It was a great show, very proud.

Science – In our topic about separating materials there have been lots of opportunities to undertake experiments, investigations and observations. The children have used a range of Science skills to compare the insulating properties of materials, observe closely what happens to materials in water and how to separate dry and wet mixtures. They worked with so much enthusiasm to attempt to clean a sample of dirty water with a high degree of success!