Review of Spring 2

A packed term in Year 1!

In English, we had a focus on the secret garden with the whole school. This was  started with a live performance of the story during which the children really enjoyed singing along with some of the songs.  As a result we did lots of creative writing and focused on describing our own secret gardens.

In Maths, we have been very practical with measuring length, height, mass, volume and capacity. The children have enjoyed comparing different weights of objects and even getting wet measuring the volume!

We had our DT block this term concentrating on puppets. The children were all able to explore different types of puppets, as well as using a needle and thread to sew their own hand puppets. They practiced basic stitches and careful cutting of different materials to create different features for the puppets.

In History, we have been looking at famous explorers from the past and present. We have looked at polar expeditions, voyages across the desert all the way to people who have explored the moon! We have compared explorers who have completed similar journeys such as Matthew Henson and Felicity Aston, looking at the similarities and differences and what makes them significant.

In RE, we have been looking at the different stories in the bible. We have explored different parables and the meanings behind them. We ended the term looking at the Easter story and we then all shared a hot cross bun wearing our Easter crowns and had some quiet reflection time.

We ended the term with lots of Easter activities. We had lots of fun writing our own Easter Acrostic poems and creating our own ‘rhyming rabbit’. We had also created our own Easter egg hats to wear out of paper mache and had a mini Easter parade!