Review of Spring 2

This term Nursery have continued to explore lots of different interests.  We were very lucky to watch some of the older children perform their play “Pirates versus Mermaids.” Back in class this led to the children developing their own play centred on pirates. They created their own ships, maps, telescopes and hats to assist them on their adventures. They frequently gathered their treasures and travelled around islands, exploring what it might be like to live there. The children were encouraged to sort their treasure and compare how many they had using five frames to help.

Nursery have become much more confident using the climbing equipment, both inside during our PE lessons and outside during CHiL.  The children enjoyed taking part in a rugby training session led by Premier Sports.

The children’s love of storytelling has really started to show. They can often be heard telling their own stories using many of the props available to them.  The children have created their own story books, with the adults scribing the children’s story as they tell it. These books have proved to be a great addition to our reading area. Nursery really enjoyed their parents joining them during Book Week to create their own story characters using various materials.  During our phonic sessions we have continued to develop our listening skills to identify different sounds.  We have listened to lots of stories and poems and have taken part in lots of rhyming activities.