Review of Spring 2

In Reception this half term, we started looking at lifecycles. We really enjoyed using the texts “Superworm” and “The Bad Tempered Ladybird”, the children also became very interested in size after reading both these books and lots of interesting learning happened in the moment when we decided to measure ourselves, our body parts and how far we could jump. We studied worms in our wormery and can’t wait for our butterfly eggs to arrive after Easter.

 We really enjoyed taking part in World Book Day and then the whole school “Secret Garden” project. Reception chose to focus on the garden; we used our beautiful school grounds as inspiration, designed our own gardens and did some lovely descriptive writing.

During our planning meetings, London has been a keen interest for many of the children so we spent some time learning about public transport and some of the London landmarks.

We have also enjoyed a Rugby workshop, using the drums in music, exploring ways to stay healthy as part of Jigsaw and using our interest in Sonic to carry out a speed experiment in Science.

Storytelling has been a big part of our term; we have enjoyed making our own story props and using them to retell stories.