Review of Spring 2

We really enjoyed sharing some of our learning with our families in our assembly this half term. It was great to have so many visitors to our classroom and there was a real buzz as the children shared their learning in their books and on the displays.

After learning about the landmarks of London during our Fire of London topic, we looked at buildings in Art. We drew buildings, looking carefully at the different features. Then we used these ideas to create our own dream cities. We painted them and added extra detail at the end using black biro. We used our knowledge of colour mixing and adding white and black to create different shades of colour.

In Maths we have been learning about multiplication, division and using arrays. We have been exploring different ways of grouping and sharing counters and writing these as addition, multiplication and division number sentences. We have started spotting patterns which will help us learn our times tables.

In Science we have been learning about different types of habitats and which plants and animals live there. We have found out that habitats have different climates and the animals that live there are adapted to suit the conditions. We sorted the animals into different habitats and made food chains.

For World Book Day we enjoyed dressing up as characters from books. One of our favourite activities was making our own books. First we had to follow the instructions to fold our own book before writing and drawing in it.