Review of Spring 1

In English this half term, the children have explored free verse poems and even created their own! We had a great 2 weeks writing instructions and after writing our own recipes, we made our own Gruffalo crumble! The children had so much fun creating the crumble and even more fun taking it home to eat- custard was the best to accompany this! We have also looked at traditional tales and explored these in different ways, through acting, drama and creating our own versions.

In Geography, we have been exploring the United Kingdom. We have researched and found out about the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom and their capital cities, we have compared our capital city to another and have explored the difference between the countryside and the city.

In science, we have been looking at animals including humans. We have looked at different ways to label and categorize animals and even looked at the different senses we have as humans. We decided to put our taste buds to the test and tried lots of different foods- the lemon was very bitter! We have also had a visit from Hertford museum where we got to discover lots of interesting animal facts!

We have been very busy this half term with lots of extra activities planned, we celebrated Chinese New Year through a workshop where we learnt about the Chinese zodiac and then performed our own Chinese New Year dance. We had our own dragon parade with real dragon costumes! 

We have ended the term with Feeling Good Week. This week has been filled with lots of fantastic activities chosen by the children. We attempted to make fluffy slime, had our own mini sports morning with the Reception class, did some baking and made salt dough creations which we will paint after the holiday.