Review of Spring 1

This half term we wanted to learn about castles. This started off as an imaginative topic, we looked at stories featuring castles including the more traditional tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and more modern texts such as Zog and the Flying Doctors. We have really enjoyed dressing up and acting out stories of our own and using puppets to retell stories that we have heard. After our Perform workshop we were inspired to draw story maps and create our own imaginative castle characters.

After reading “The Very Last Castle” we became interested in the knight and thought about questions we might ask if we ever met him. Through this, our topic became quite historical, we learnt about the key features of castles and the role of the knight, we were even lucky enough to interview a knight!

We also really enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year by learning the story of the Jade Emperor and taking part in a dragon parade!