Review of Spring 1

This half term, we have worked really hard with our reading, writing and performing play scripts, including Alice in Wonderland, the Owl and the Pussycat and the Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon.  We also wrote our own limericks, it was quite a challenge to get the right number of syllables!

Science this term has been all about food, nutrition and our skeleton.  We have enjoyed making balanced pizzas for ourselves and a range of food for birds.  We did some bird watching from our classroom window and saw blackbirds, blue tits, woodpigeons, magpies, thrushes, starlings and robins.   However, we noticed that more of the food was eaten by a squirrel, who we named ‘Cheeky!’

We continued with the garden bird theme by sketching birds in our art lesson and researching them in computing, before making posters to identify common birds.  We also used our computing skills to create pixel art.  We took part in safer internet day by talking about our favourite things to do online, what issues can sometimes affect us when online and how we can solve these.

In geography, we have studied weather and climate.  We have enjoyed observing the weather every day, exploring world climates and choosing a holiday destination.  We certainly have some budding weather forecasters!

We finished the half term with ‘Feeling Good Week and enjoyed free choice art and computing, making mini books, board games, yoga and sewing.  Our class assembly was enjoyed by our parents, carers and the rest of the school and it was lovely for our adults to come into the classroom and see our work afterwards.