Review of Spring 1

In our science lessons we have been being scientists and have carried out different types of investigations using our working scientifically skills. We compared materials to find out which material would be the best to use to make a tea bag. We decided it would need to have some holes in it to let the water in, but not too big so they didn’t let the tea leaves out. We looked closely to see what happened to the water in the cups.

We have also carried out some classifying investigations. We have been using our knowledge of animals to find different ways of grouping them. We choose to group them by the types of animals, the number of legs and whether or not they laid eggs. We found there were lots of different ways we could put the animals into groups by looking at what was the same and what was different.

We have used our measuring skills to help us decide whether this statement is true or false. Your foot is the same length as the distance from your wrist to your elbow. We all measured our feet and arms and recorded the measurements in a table. Then we looked to see if it was true for everyone, just some people or no one. This type of investigation is called pattern seeking. We found out only 8 people in our class had the same length measurements.

We had a visit from Hertford Museum and had the opportunity to examine some real animal artefacts. We had to wear special white gloves to protect the objects from the oils and dirt on our skin. We saw a chameleon, tortoise shells, a shark’s jaw, an armadillo’s armour and lots of different types of birds. We got to use our observation skills to look closely at what was the same and what was different and tried to explain how these difference help the animals.

For Chinese New Year we got the chance to learn a fan dance and took part in a dragon parade. We also enjoyed hearing the story of the animal’s race and learning about the animal zodiac.

Year 2 had a brilliant time learning to play dodgeball. We have a session full of games to learn the skills needed. Later on we had a tournament between our PE house teams. Everyone played really well and it was quite exciting. Well done to the Green team who won the tournament.