Review of Spring 1

This half term Nursery have been exploring lots of different interests.  We started by celebrating our class teddy Tom’s birthday.  The children organised a birthday party for him writing invitations, baking cakes, making cards and playing games.

After our Perform workshop on ‘Castles, Knights and Princesses’ the children were inspired to explore castles further and enjoyed dressing up and taking part in role play activities.  We were very excited to hold our own “Big Build” workshop where parents and grandparents came into school to help build a variety of different castles.  It was such a great event and the children loved working together to build and then play in their castles.

Next, the children wanted to find out about cars.  They showed great interest in the Grand Prix, so we recreated a race on our school field.  The children made their own number plate and used clay to make a medals.  In our workshop the children selected their own resources and tools to create their own cars.  They then tested their cars on a ramp and made adjustments to improve how their car moved.

We celebrated Chinese New Year.  The children took part in a Chinese dance workshop and then created their own dragons and instruments to take part in their own dragon parade.

Finally, the children discovered that some dinosaurs had visited our fairy garden and had made a mess.  We helped the fairies to tidy up and created some cleaning potions for them.  Next, we followed the children’s interests in learning about dinosaurs.  We created our own volcano and were very excited to watch it erupt.