Review of Spring 1

Another very busy half term for Year 6 as we begin the preparation for their up coming SATs in May. 

We have begun a new history topic – learning about the Ancient Greek civilisation and all their achievements that we use today.

Science has been concentrating on forces. The children designed and made their own parachutes looking at a range of different variables e.g. shape / length of the strings / materials etc. When they were finished we timed how long it took for them to reach the ground when they were dropped from the school roof .

Our new artist is an Austrian architect called Friedensreich Hundertwasser. We discussed his work and then  started to create clay buildings in the same style. 

Following a training session with Premier sports a group of girls and boys attended a Rugby Tournament at Welwyn Rugby Club, although there was no winner as they were training sessions, we know we won all of our matches!