Review of Spring 1

PHSE/Zones of Regulations – As part of our PSHE Jigsaw work we started to look at our dreams and goals for the future. The children created their own dream / goals jars and wrote their thoughts for the future. They are all very unique and special. Also in one of our Zones of Regulation sessions, we looked at different scenarios and had group discussions about what zone the children would be in. The session was very lively and thought provoking, allowing the children to see that the zone can change many times and that is ok. We then started to think about ways to get to the optimal zone, the green zone.

Rugby Session –The children took part in a one-off rugby session with a Premier Sports Coach. It was freezing cold and muddy but the children loved it. They learnt about passing, tactics, how to hold the ball and teamwork, playing in their house teams. Next term, we are planning another session that will include a mini tournament in their house teams at the end. 

Trampolining – This term, we started weekly trampolining sessions, delivered by a specialist instructor who brings in all the equipment. The children have worked hard but its great fun! They have been learning how to gain control when jumping and stopping, trying out some simple shaped jumps and seat landings.

Art – Cats, cats, cats! – Yes you’ve guessed it, our topic was cats which we linked to our class reader Varjak Paw. The children explored how different artists have depicted cats such as Paul Klee and Picasso. They explored continuous line drawing, press printing and finally used the reduction press printing technique to make a print in the style of the Paul Klee work ‘Cat and Bird’.

Feeling Good Week – For ‘Feeling Good Week’ the children took part in some fun activities, chosen by them such as muffin pizza making, board game time, parachute games and  free art time.