Review of Year 1 Autumn 1

What a fantastic first half term in year 1! The children have really settled well into the classroom and have begun to grow into more independent learners. We all are so impressed!

They have really enjoyed our Toys topic in history, they have explored lots of different toys and teddy bears from the past and compared them with the toys they have now. We even made our own toy museum where we described our old and new toys and looked at all the toys around the classroom!

In English this term, we have been focussing on sentence building and remembering what we need to include – even creating our own little dance to remember our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! We have explored different types of poems for poetry week and created a class Acrostic poem about a magic carpet ride. The children then preformed this poem to the rest of the school.

In Maths, we have been looking at place value and consolidating our knowledge of numbers up to 10. We have been using our skills of subitising to help us and have begun building our vocabulary, using greater than, less than and equal to. We have been looking at how we can create numbers and show the different parts, using a range of different manipulatives to help us!

In Science, our topic has been Everyday Materials. We have been exploring different materials and their properties, as well as going on a materials hunt around the school. We have described a rage of materials and noticed the similarities and difference between each one, we carried out an investigation to test whether a material is waterproof or not!

We ended this term with a trip to the library! The children found out what a library card was, how many books they could take out at once as well as how long they could keep them for! We heard a lovely story and then got to explore the library, sharing books together and even finding cosy seats to sit in!