Review of Autumn 2 in Year 1

This has been a very busy and fun term! We have managed to squeeze in lots of Christmas fun whilst still doing lots of learning.

In English this term, we have looked at a graphic novel called ‘Lift’ where we produced some lovely descriptive pieces and scripted our own interviews based on themes in the book. We have also done lots of performance poetry and used our body and props to read lots of fun poems! We then ended our term with reading the Jolly Christmas Postman and have done lots of festive related writing!

We have been looking at the changing seasons in Science, and at this point in the year it has been really exciting to discover and observe all the different changes! The children are very confident discussing how we adapt our clothing to the cold weather and will help remind each other to wrap up warm! The snow (and ice!) have helped demonstrate the changing seasons for the children first hand. We also had so much fun playing in the snow!

Year 1 have become very technical learners in Computing and are beginning to type, drag and even draw themselves using the computers and ipads!

We have done some fantastic Christmas activities this term and the children have been so creative! We made our own Gonks out of old socks and then we went to Reception to have a ‘Gonk Gala’ where we introduced our Gonks to the ones made by Reception. The Year 1 children were very attentive and kind to the younger class, they made a great effort to make friends and be good role models to the younger children.

At the end of the term, working alongside Year 2 and Year 3, we put on a Christmas production. All the children in Year 1 worked so hard on their singing and dancing and we as a school are so proud of them for all of their hard work! They became so much more confident and performed so well!

We then enjoyed our Christmas lunch and Christmas concert on the last few days and celebrated Christmas with all of our friends!