Year 1 summer term

In science this term, we used clay to make animals and painted them.  We used the correct language to label the features. We had a visit from the animas and had the opportunity to handle and discuss their differences,

As part of our plant topic, we have been using the outside areas.  We have weeded and planted new plants in the tubs and investigated plants in our gardens.  We have compared this to the changes that occur in the summer season e.g. changes in the clothes we wear and the changes to plants.

In History, we have been finding out about important explorers and compared them to exploders today.  We creating time lines of events and discussed how they are remembered. 

In maths, we have been working within numbers to 100.  We have used the mathematical symbols to write number sentences and linked to our number bonds to 10 and 20.

In English we have read the story of ‘Silly Billy’.  We created story maps, discussed our own worries and how we overcome them.  We also used our drama skills to act out the story and created worry dolls.

In Art, we created looms from twigs and weaved natural objects.  We then drew leaves from memory and from careful observations and then used watercolours to match the colouring on the leaves.