Review of Year 2 Autumn 1

The children have made a great start to their learning in Year 2. This term we have enjoyed sharing stories and poems. In particular we loved learning to tell stories using a story map and coming up with our own actions. We retold the story of Frog and the Stranger. We also performed some poems in class and we performed ‘Look at the train’ by Kathy Henderson in assembly. We were inspired by her poems about cities to write our own.

In Science we have been learning about healthy bodies and finding out all the things we can do to stay healthy. We have sorted food, investigated how much sugar is in breakfast cereal and thought about how exercise affects our bodies. We really liked investigating how germs spread using glitter germs and how to wash our hands effectively to get rid of the germs.

In Maths we have been learning about place value and playing lots of games to help us build two digit numbers with tens and ones and compare them using greater than and less than.

Our Geography topic has been about our world and we have been learning about the continents and oceans. To finish our topic, we played some playground games from different countries. We enjoyed playing a game from China where we all stand in a row with our hands on each other’s shoulders and the head of the dragon has to catch the tail of the dragon without anyone letting go!