Year 2 summer term

Year 2 have enjoyed learning about plants this half term. We have been exploring the school grounds to see what grows in different places and finding out about the difference between seeds and bulbs. We also investigated whether daisies have an odd or even number of petals.

In Maths we have been practising our measuring skills inside and outside the classroom. We used rulers, tape measures and metre rulers to measure the height and width of different objects. We found the tape measures quite tricky as they don’t stay straight. We also found out how to measure something longer than the ruler.

Our Geography topic has been all about Kenya. We have enjoyed learning about the different landscapes and the animals that live there. We found out what a school day is like in Kenya and compared it to our own. We learnt about the Maasai tribe and had fun make our own jewellery and trying to do the jumping dance.

We had a great time when the animals came to visit and learnt a lot about animals that live in different habitats. It was fantastic to experience holding and seeing the creatures up close.