Review of Year 3 Autumn 2

History this term has been all about the Roman Invasion of Britain.  We loved finding out about Boudicca, and the Roman army.  We made Roman shields in art and used these to investigate Roman battle tactics!  Some people also made swords for homework and these looked great.

Our main art topic was using lines and patterns to draw fossils.  We also made some beautiful Christmas baubles during our recent workshop.

We had a basketball day when we practiced our dribbling, passing and shooting skills.  We had a competition between our colour teams and the overall winner of the day was the purple team!

In science, we have explored forces and magnets.  One of our practical tasks was using different forces to fire a coin across the hall.  Some went several metres!

Our design and technology project was using pneumatics to make a moving monster.  We came up with some fantastic designs, some cute and some more scary!

One of the highlights of the term had to be our play, ‘Christmas Rhyme!’  The acting and singing was wonderful.  We were so proud of you all!